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When running a restaurant, there are many different factors to take into consideration. It is essential to ensure that the patrons of your dining establishment are happy and will return to further sample the cuisine. Keeping your customers happy is the main focus of any well run and organized restaurant, as obviously this keeps the money coming in and the bills being paid.

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One of the best ways of ensuring returning custom is to view the dining experience through the customers’ eyes. Customers like to feel they are in a clean, hygienic and pleasant environment; therefore it is very important to make sure the restaurant catering equipment you are using is the best quality possible.

Customers will be impressed if the utensils and crockery they are being served with are clean and of a good quality, and the restaurant staff are wearing professional waiting clothing. Additionally, signage is always a high priority as diners like to know where essential rooms such as the toilets and cloakrooms are. Items such as display machines and buffet tables should always look smart and be in correct working order.

Another aspect to consider when viewing your restaurant through your customers’ eyes is after the meal has been eaten. It is important to have waiters with clearing trolleys or trays ready to take away dirty crockery, utensils and glasses as soon as possible; these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. After that, if your restaurant has a bar or seating area patrons may want to relax there to digest their food in peace and enjoy the ambience; features to consider for this space are mainly aesthetic such as ornaments, decoration and soft lighting.

The final part of the dining experience for the customer is when they go to pay their bill. The cash register is a focal part of the dining area; it is important to make sure this is in full working order and preferably as new and modern as possible.

However, it is not only customer facing restaurant catering equipment that is important. Aspects such as chefs’ clothing, aprons, footwear and cookware are just a few examples of the key things to consider when taking into account what to buy for behind the scenes. It is crucial that your staff have catering clothing that is protective, as kitchens can be hazardous places. Well made, professional catering clothing helps to ensure that workers are protected from risks such as burns, spillages and slips – this is where proper catering footwear is vital as floors can become greasy and cause accidents.

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