Garage Door Repair Troubleshooting Techniques

Having a stuck garage door can be frustrating. It will make you stressful and waste your time. Many of us may face this situation, particularly during winter. Here, instead of getting worried, use your technical skills and apply some troubleshooting tricks to fix the issues.

First, spend a few minutes on the inspection to determine whether the safety features of your garage door are working correctly or not. Some garage doors have built-in safety features by the manufacturer which may stop the door from opening. If it is, your troubleshooting skills will resolve the problem. It is wise to call a professional like, Columbus, Ohio garage door repair if you are not familiar with the features of a garage door. You should take the following actions before calling a professional garage door repair company.

  • Some garage doors are designed with default settings such as an automatic lock or vacation lock mode.  In case, the door is automatically set on the lock mode, you will not open the door, even with the remote. It should be unlocked manually to be set back on its normal working.
  • Check the batteries of the remote; you may need to replace them. If you are using rechargeable batteries, charge them to power on the remote. If you are able to open or close the garage door from the inside of your garage, it means your remote is OK.
  • Check the power supply and position of the cables. Broken cables may be the reason behind the poor working of the garage door. In this case, you need garage door cable replacement immediately to handle the problem.
  • Look inside the garage, there may be any object in the way of the door. In the case of up & over garage door, any object at the ground level could stop it being open.
  • Check the sensor of the garage door to inspect whether it’s light ON or not. If its light is not blinking, it needs quick replacement. Make sure, there is nothing on the path of sensor that will obstruct its signals.

Trust the skilled garage door technician

The mechanism of an automatic garage door is very simple. It uses pulleys and springs to work. So it will not difficult to determine what is going wrong with the garage door. It should be kept in mind that you can only handle the minor issues. Major fixes like broken garage door springs and tracks should be attended by the expert. A garage door is a very heavy equipment, if it falls, you may get injured. Even if you are a mechanic type person, it is wise to take the services of experts to handle the garage door repair work.

There are the penalty of things that you can perform on your own such as, greasing the springs and lubricating the moving parts. You can also fix the loose screws, nuts, and hinges by manual instruction by the manufacturer.

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